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R.U. Brown Gold Medal Contest

R.U. Brown May Contest

With over 100 competitors in 8 different classes the R.U. Brown Gold Medal Contest is the Premier event of the years calendar. The 2014 Gold Medal contest is scheduled to take place on the 3rd (Clasp and Recital) and 4th May 2014 at Black Friar's Priory School,  17 Prospect Road Prospect SA.

Please take note that the Entry Requirements for the 2014 Contest can be viewed HERE.

R.U. Brown Clasp and Recital

In conjunction with the Gold Medal contest, the Clasp for former winners (at 1.30 pm.) and the Recital (at 7.00 pm.) is to be held on Saturday the 3rd May to showcase pipers from around the world. Both events will be held at Black Friar's Priory School,  17 Prospect Road Prospect SA  on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

R.U. Brown May Seminar

Every year, the R.U. Brown Piobaireachd Society runs a full day seminar the day after the Gold Medal contest. The seminar is usually led by one of the international guest judges, and will be conducted by Malcolm McRae in 2014.

The Seminar will be held on Monday 5th May 2014.
Venue: Regal Park Motor Inn.
Address: 44 Barton Terrace East, North Adelaide.

Teaching Programme

  1. 10:00am - 12:00am Piobaireachd (FREE)
  2. 1:30pm - 3:30pm Piobaireachd + Q&A on all music types (FREE)